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Rita vs Alice From Role to Real?

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TV5’s Dramaserye “Never Say Goodbye” is in its final stretch. Yet there still seems to be trouble brewing on the set. According to reports, two of the main stars—Rita Avila and Alice Dixson—are not too comfy working with each other.

When the taping is over, hopefully Rita and Alice can say goodbye to the intrigues hounding them and make peace as real ladies like them ought to do.

Here’s Rita’s story:

“As I was exiting in one scene, she threw the bouquet at my back which was not in the script. In another scene, she almost grabbed me because she claimed she just felt like doing it. Once she kicked soil towards me and cursed, which were also not part of the scene. I told her that an intelligent actor works within the script and can calculate her actions so as not to hurt her co-actor.

“One time, she was 4hours late, saying her manager adjusted her call time but no one among the staff knew about this. We had a talk regarding these matters. But I guess she is the type, who will forever deny what she did. Her excuse all the time was ‘It wasn’t my intention to hurt’ or ‘Did I say that?’ I have been very professional through the years. I have respected my costars, directors and crew. And I’m blessed to get back the same respect. I am a simple person enjoying a quiet life. I’m thankful for every project that comes my way because it’s a gift. I have experienced the darkest days through my son’s death. I have no reason to make up stories. I have been praying hard for her and for me. My husband said that he just doesn’t want me to come home from work hurt. I work to enjoy and not to get hurt. I offered three masses for her last Holy Week. That’s my only weapon. On the set, I am fully understood by Direk and the staff. They see. They know.”

Here’s Alice’s story:

“Last Thursday, I met with TV5 (staff). Both network and production teams told me that they were very happy with my performance in ‘Never Say Goodbye’ and there was no issue or doubt about my professionalism or dedication. In fact, management also just advised me of several new TV and movie projects lined up for me after this show. Yup, the character I portray, Criselda is baliw-baliwan, but that’s not me as a real person. “Acting lang ’yun. Trabaho lang, walang personalan. I’d like to thank Direk Mac Alejandre, our whole team and my co-actors for breathing life into this project, their diligent work and for continuously striving for the best. As for Rita, I think she is a beautiful woman and excellent actress. I wish her well in her future endeavors

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