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How To Make Money Online Using Your Blog

Most people today wants to make money online. Like the other, they will search for the tips on how to do it. Making money online is so easy but you only need to be focus on what you want to achieve. To be able to succeed, you should learn some of the blogging tips and what is all about make money online. You must study and learn on how you do it and what to do. Its very simple but you need to have time to update and do some SEO stuff. Here, you can have a little more ideas and tips on how to make money online especially using a blog.

First, you need to learn about blogging. You should research what it means and how to make money online using your blog. Blogging is like writing or blog a story to what you have learn and experience in your daily lives. In blogging, you need a blog to be your online journal or your own site. It is a personal or its for entertainment blog or a site with many purpose. But, we need to learn to blog. In order to blog, you need to create it using a free weblog platform like Blogger or Wordpress. These are the two blog platforms offers free blog and you can use it to make money online. Blogger is a free blog owned by Google while Wordpress is privately owned by an organization online. Either of this two blog platform is easy to use and to build. All you have to do is to read about it. When you already know about it, you need to try to create a blog either in Blogger or Wordpress. But lets prefer first in Blogger.

In Blogger, you should go to and create an account using your gmail. You will have to set a blog name, a URL or subdomain address of your blog (for example or set your own like and give a little description. After created your blog, you can start write a post or if you want to customize your blog, you can do it first if you know how to design your blog. Your blog address is actually associated with it is a real blog address since is the host of your created blog.

When you already have a blog and all are well-placed, you can now post any topics you want. But I prefer to categorize your blog according to your specialization or as you preferred. After that, you can post an article or any kind of post which is right for the rules and interesting to read. Most blog is prefer to have updated 1 to 3 posts daily so that it will be good standing blog. You should bookmark or link your post everytime you posted it so that it will gather visitors to read your blog. Make sure you study about SEO because that is the most important thing you have to know in making money online. Some competitors will compet you with the same topic as yours. So, you should learn about SEO. If you mastered it, you can be easily make money online.

So, the final step you need to know on how to make money online using your blog is to search for some company that offers you to earn some bucks from your blog. It will be a paid to blog or putting advertisements to your blog or any other opportunity. Most of the time, some company choose a blog with high Page Rank or PR because it will have a better SEO results for the campaign. So, make sure you optimize your blog and get rank high in the search engine in order for you to have enough traffic and authority for your blog. Just research and study on how to do it.

Some of the making money online opportunities using your blog is to join or create an account in each of the companies that offers paid to blog or putting ads in your blog to earn money. One of the best company is Google Adsense. It is a website advertising company that offers you to earn money by putting adsense code or ads in your blog. Just learn about on how to use this Adsense to your blog. There are other companies that you need to know and join. You should research it and find out on how to make money online using your blog by joining to them.

For more blogging tips, just follow more future post here in Brite Info blog.

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DOTA 2 Gamer said...

Thanks for the good blogging tips for make money online using your blog! I'm so much appreciate this. More post please!

JP Glo Majabat said...

Yes! Of course. I will have more tips about blogging and make money online here. Just follow me please. Thanks!

Pinas Watcher said...

Pretty nice blogging tips. Awesome tips... I'm sure some beginner will thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

I actually do blogging for years now but I did not use it to make money online. But anyway, thanks for this info.

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